Shipping information


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 USA shipping 

1 - 30 leaves or 1 - 9 plugs      $8.00

31 - 60 leaves or 10 - 13 plugs    $9.50

61 - 100 leaves or up to 25 plugs  $12.00

  I have no problems shipping all over the USA including California..


Shipping costs to CANADA


 The prices quoted below are for up to 30 leaves or 9 plugs.

If more are required, the cost will be adjusted accordingly


Couts de transport pour le CANADA

Les prix ci-dessous sont pour jusqu'à 30 boutures ou 9 plantules.

Si vous en désirez plus, les prix seront ajustés en conséquence.




 V1M, V1P, V1S, V1V-V1Z, V2B-V2E, V2H, V2K-V2N, V2S-V4T $22.00,

 V4W-V7Y, V8M-V9E, V9R-V9V, V9X $22.00



 All others $30.00 (Express)


 T1A-T1C / T1H-T1K, T1X-T4B, T4N-T4R, T5A-T6X, T8A, T8N $22.00



 All others $30.00 (Express)

SK  $30.00 (Express)
MB  $13.00
ON  All K’s $11.00,  L-M & N’s $12.00,  All P’s $13.00
QC  $11.00

 E1A-E1J, E2E-E2S, E3A-E3E $13.00, E1N-E1V, E2A, E2V, E3L-E3V $23.00

 E1W-E1X, E3Y-E9H $30.00 (Express)


 A0A-A0N, A0P, A1K-A1M, A1S-A2N, A5A-A8A    $30.00

 A0R & A2V  $15.00,  A1A-A1H & AIN  $21.00



 B0C-B0W / B1B-B1G  $25.00 (Express)

NS  $35.00 (Express)
PEI  C0A-C0B $28.00 All others $13.00


YT  $25.00
NT  $25.00





INTERNATIONAL Shipping costs

International orders are sent via Canada Post, the small packet service.    The packages are usually delivered within 5-10 days.  Please note that there is NO tracking number available with this shipping service, they don't offer the option.... sorry. 

International shipping starts at $15.00 and may be higher depending on the size of the order.

Phytosanitary certificates are available for most countries for the cost of $15.00.